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Gestalt Therapy Counselling at Ontogenesis Wellness Centre

Leonie has always been fascinated by the human experience and believes that Gestalt therapy provides a unique set of tools that can help to shed light on our individual experiences. One of the strengths of Gestalt therapy is that it is not just a talking therapy, it is an experiential therapy, which focuses on the here and now.

Leonie's own journey with Gestalt therapy has been both life changing and life affirming. "I am passionate about supporting others to discover that journey for themselves", says Leonie. Leonie has continuously witnessed how each individual has their own set of experiences and adaptations which impact their way of being in the world. She knows from experience, that with the right support we can all explore and move through difficult situations to increase our focused awareness so that we can live life more fully.

Leonie is available for sessions with adults, adolescents and children. Children's sessions are based on play therapy techniques, which incorporate Gestalt principles. All sessions are one hour and cost $80. Discounts are available for blocks of sessions paid in advance. If you would like to arrange an initial session to discuss your needs, please contact Leonie here.

Wellbeing & Support Groups

From time to time Ontogenesis offers different wellbeing & support groups for both adolescents and adults. Details for each group can be found below.

Mindfulness Groups for Adolescents, Adults & Disability Support Clients

Ontogenesis provides a safe environment where participants can meet, learn about & practice mindfulness. Theses groups are for anyone seeking to understand themselves and wanting to learn how to better manage stress and anxiety.

Cost: $15

Adult Literacy Group

This group is for adults and young people who want to improve their level of literacy under the guidance of a qualified and compassionate teacher. The group numbers are kept low to allow for maximum attention and support in a safe, non-judgemental environment. Individual tuition is also available.

Group Cost: $15

Individual: $60 p/hour

To register your interest for any of the groups please contact Leonie here.

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