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Irlen® Screening

Dyslexia and Irlen Screening

What Is Scotopic Light Sensitivity (Irlen Syndrome)?

Scotopic Light Sensitivity (also know as Irlen Syndrome) is a visual processing disorder. It can affect both adults and children and tends to run in families. Ontogenesis's teacher, Leonie, found that many of the students who were coming to work with her showed signs of visual stress - so many in fact, that in 2017 Leonie decided to get certified as an Irlen Screener. Since then, she has screened many students, which has helped to solve an important piece of the learning puzzle for those students.

Individuals with Irlen Syndrome may experience one or more of the following:

Reading difficulties

Poor handwriting

Poor depth perception

Light sensitivity


Headaches, migraines and other physical symptoms

What Is the Irlen Method®?

The Irlen Method® has been used for nearly 30 years to identify and help people with Irlen Syndrome. The Irlen Method® determines which precision-tinted coloured overlays and filters produce the most effective elimination of visual symptoms. The Method is a two-step process:

1. Screening - This first step is carried out by a certified Irlen Screener to determine the severity of visual symptoms and whether colour can help reduce or eliminate difficulties. Colour overlays are determined and may be used while a person transitions to coloured lenses.

2. Determine Coloured Lenses - This next step involves visiting a certified Irlen Diagnostician. The Diagnostician will use a limitless number of colour filter combinations to identify the precise tint needed to overcome the visual perceptual problems, which are individual to each person. This second session is extremely important as colour worn as glasses is not necessarily the same as the plastic overlay colour.

What to do if you think you or your child may have Irlen Syndrome?

If you believe you or your child may have Irlen Syndrome the first step is to make an appointment for an initial screening. To book your initial screening at Ontotgenesis please contact Leonie here. Screening appointments take between 40 - 60 minutes and cost $110. The screening process will determine whether symptoms are present and whether colour can help to reduce or eliminate those symptoms. You will be provided with your Irlen Colour Screen and helpful advise about the next step - your appointment with a Diagnostician, who will determine the lenses that are most suited to your individual needs. Ontogenesis recommends the Newcastle Irlen Diagnostic Clinic.

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