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Inaugural Monday Night Mindfulness Group ...

Tonight was the inaugural Monday Night Mindfulness Group! It was a small gathering this week, which was just perfect for the New Moon in Pisces Solar Eclipse (the most powerful moon this year)! The time was ripe for releasing the past and stepping up and into the future, the new. We began by writing down everything that we wanted to release. This was then burnt and the ashes were released back to the Earth. Just after we finished this ceremony it started to rain and a rainbow appeared in the sky - so symbolic! We then did a releasing & clearing meditation; set our intentions for the future and finished by choosing an Angel Card and sharing some home made Chai and Bliss Balls!

If you are interested in attending next Monday, please let me know. We begin at 6.00 pm and finish around 7.30 pm. The cost is $15.

Here are some photos from tonight ...

Setting our intentions

The rainbow

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