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Ontogenesis Now Conducts Irlen® Screenings

I am pleased to announce that Ontogenesis now conducts Irlen Screenings. Since beginning my work at Ontogenesis I have found that quite a few of my students have shown signs of Irlen Syndrome. I have been absolutely AMAZED at the difference that Irlen lenses and colour overlays have made to the lives of these students. The increase in their confidence and reading ability is astounding! It truly warms my heart. As a certified Irlen Screener I am now able to carry out screenings at my East Gosford practice. For more information visit my Irlen Screening page.

What Is Irlen Syndrome?

Irlen Syndrome is a visual processing issue. It can affect both adults and children.

Individuals with Irlen Syndrome may experience one or more of the following:

Reading difficulties

Poor handwriting

Poor depth perception

Light sensitivity


Headaches, migraines and other physical symptoms

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