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What's Been Happening at Ontogenesis...

Here's a little bit about what has been happening at Ontogenesis during Term 3 ....

The private tutoring sessions have continued to grow with sessions available during the day, after school and on Saturdays. It is wonderful to see the students growing in confidence and knowledge as the term progresses!

Mondays and Tuesdays are busy with Homeschool Workshops, with private sessions in-between. In the Creative Wrting Group the participants have written and edited a story based on finding a bell in a cave .... what happens when the bell is rung? How did it come to be in the cave? The participants are also currently writing a newspaper article based on the information from their stories.

In the Times Table workshop we not only learn the tables through games & movement, but also explore how they are used in mathematical calculations.

The participants in Book Club are enjoying the Tale of Despereaux ... it is SO hard to wait for the next instalment each week!

We have a small singing group on a Wednesday afternoon, which is ALWAYS lots of fun! We will be looking at doing some basic recorder in the coming weeks as well!

The basic literacy/numeracy and singing groups are popular and are a great workshop for helping to get the reading/writing process underway. This workshop incorporates games and songs as well as a sequential and cumulative spelling program.

I have been excited to conduct the first Irlen Screenings at Ontogenesis. It is so rewarding to see the relief and excitment experienced by those who finally have a 'reason' for their difficulties with reading AND a simple and effective tool to help them manage the symptoms.

There are a growing number of people enjoying the benefits of Reiki and I will soon be offering something new to those who would like to go a little deeper with Reiki, so keep an eye out towards the end of the year!!

Finally, there will be some new offerings for workshops for Term 4, so make sure you you check back for those in the next couple of weeks!

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